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Point of Sale Integration

State of the art – first for South Africa – available only through us

Point of Sale

Change the way you monitor your stores with incredible search and filtering functionality.

Integrate your existing CCTV system with Secure A Vid’s Point Of Sale Integration.

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  • – Automated monitoring reports sent to you daily SAVES you TIME & MONEY
  • – Point of sale integration hardware & software
  • – All inclusive Price R6 500.00 per month per outlet


How It Works



You can search for Item or Cashier (eg) cashier 1 = camera 1, search for 1 L Coke sold between 6am-6pm, all sales time displays.

If you need to view all the Refunds that were issued in the store at a specific time by a specific cashier the information is available at your fingertips.

Our system links to most Point of Sale software programs.

Single  Channel Hub
4 Channel Hub
8 Channel Hub
16 Channel Hub
Links to Cash Registers , POS (PC based) tills , scales, weigh bridges etc.

Networkable port link, serial port link or pole display.

Point Of Sale Integration In Action

Data Mining Filter Search:

SMS and Email Alerts:

SMS and Email Notification:

People Counter:


  • POS Text Overlay with Video: Display/hide transaction text messages on screen (video files) to supervise every transaction real-time; customize text preset positions and font.
  • Ouick Search: Single video search and playback with transaction data.
  • Text Events Search: Use pre-def ined transaction criteria to search in a field filter displaying the results in a newly created system log (eg) all the transactions containing the keywork “coke” will be screened out. Also you can press the text to preview corresponding video image.
  • Events Monitor: Store all transaction data in Microsoft Access format for retroactive analysis.
  • 4 Channel Playback: Playback 1 or 4 Channels at once with POS Overlay and Next to Lay for interigation.
  • Highlight Events: You can highlight certain events (eg) no sale in a transaction.
  • Max 32 POS Channel: The DVR systems supports up to 32 channels with POS overlay and up to 64 camera’s on a single pc.
  • Network: POS Data can also be analysed with the Network Client on LAN or ADSL.
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